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Corporate events are a bit different and involve professionalism and prudence, Delhi/NCR is amongst the major destination for corporate events since, it is the hub of popular brands and corporate offices nevertheless, corporate events need proper coordination between venue and services besides this they need to be served with accuracy. Nevertheless, Eventech remains the first choice when corporate hunt for the most efficient event management companies in Delhi.

Eventech exhibits niche competencies in facilitating world-class corporate events as we know how to give professionalism a touch of ease that gives a sense of satisfaction to your guests. A corporate event is organized either to launch a product or to list company’s accomplishments, we address client’s requirement to fulfill their satisfaction, be it a brand launch or a simple farewell program, our approach is to make it a complete success.

Our task management skills depict the standards and quality that we follow in order to organize the event with precision, we analyze client’s requirements, after analyzing the requirements, the tasks is divided into fragments that are allotted to respective professional teams. Each chunk of the plan is finely assembled before day of the event as one massive organized layer of elements including high-standard food & furnishing that are regularly upgraded as per the international standards. We are passionate event management company, who believes in perfection with meticulousness.

Glimpse of Services for Corporate
  • Brand Launch
  • Business Dinners
  • Farewell Parties/Award Ceremonies/Success Events
  • Brand Promotional Activities
  • Trade Fairs and Exhibitions
  • Sports Events for Corporate
  • Family Meets
  • Brand or Business Expansion
Ride your own desire

We are aware of what we quote, when we say success, we mean it, the path of professionalism that we follow touches par excellence with execution of your thoughts, no matter how complex your requirements may crop up, we are there to cast them into an event contour. The standards of events are worth remembering when they are unique and at Eventech, our team represents exclusive technique with contemporary twist of eminence, this is the reason why Eventech advances its competitors and encapsulates a unique identity.


So, you’re planning a social gathering, wedding or a family celebration & you don’t know how & where to start? We can help to let you enjoy every minute of the special moments of your life with family and friends without HASSLE! From venue selection to catering, from the initial conceptualizations to inspiring theme parties, we’ll make it happen.

We are responsible for transforming your imaginations to realities at the same time we wish to minimize your search for topmost event management companies in India. You’ll find us everywhere from initial planning phase to music, décor, venue, food & ultimately coordinating the particulars meticulously as a whole new event as your special day approaches. The professional team of experts takes care of the minute details which are equally managed and carefully planned, ranging from Audio-visuals, Power, Projectors, Stage-decorations & Stage setup, Sitting Arrangements, Planning Guest Accommodations & Stay, Transportation, Photography & Engineering demands including most recent Flower Decorations, Speakers, DJs, Musicians & Musical Instrument Arrangements etc.

Perfection can be easily achieved when close attention is paid on the details. With top- notch services & professionalism we capture our client’s vision, along with classy & novel designs collaborated by creativity in order to produce unparalleled excellence in terms of design and decorations. Across-the-board network of connections & resources allows us to choose that significant event venue that will convey the right level of emotions.

We promise to meet your expectation, budgets and desires with precision & coordination in designing that suitable environment for your visitors at social gatherings of all types. With acute supervision and proficiency, we will assist you with unconventional designs and event management ideas to put them in a spectacular arrangement of elemental brilliance at the events altogether without unnecessary and reckless spending. Allow us to help you with:

  • Budget Management/Budget Finalization
  • Creative Concept/Theme design/ Latest Themes
  • Vendor Selection/ Site Management/ Pre-Bookings
  • Venue Selection /Food & Beverage Management
  • Entertainment/Dance/Music/Audio-Visual Production
  • Photography/ Performance Management/ Special Effects
  • Décor/ Floral Design/Stage Lighting & Design
  • Transportation/ Logistics Management/ Equipment
  • On-site Customer Service/Client Communications


Eventech offers you the facility to showcase your products and services directly in front of the consumers, our event management team offers you personalized and customized event management services that are finely tailored to create a unique visual environment. The idea of exhibition is to set a pre & post evaluation product review session to gain precision and audience attention therefore our exhibition management experts cater to diverse requirements of our clients by delivering highly satisfactory services that drive maximum Attention, Visualizations & Awareness as they are interactive, vibrant and dynamic.

Exhibition Logistics

The team at Eventech organizes memorable exhibitions by portraying exactly the requirement replica of the client as we focus on the motive behind the exhibition and then synchronize our creativity so that it could be more expressive & self-explanatory so that your client’s be pleased about it for long since ours is a group of dedicated experts rated top among the devoted event management companies in India who emphasize on inspiring visitors. Our bespoke services are functional in all areas of the exhibition logistics be it a national exhibition or a small trade show we have proficiency in delivering creative, innovative, superior and extraordinary representation of your thoughts/products/personality in the form of Dynamic Exhibitions.

Our dedicated team of Exhibition Planners

The dedicated team at Eventech assists you in all verticals, from food to decorations no matter what the volume of visitors is, our team stands firm to deliver the best and the resultant would be an all encompassed event that exceeds the expectations of both visitor and exhibitor. We deal in organizing Grand Exhibitions, fabulous Fashion Shows, Seminars & Conferences, Destination Weddings & Live Concerts etc we look forward to your serve your business/event/party/guest and hope to get a chance to organize your event.



Theme Parties are always a delight to attend to. Guests love to attend these parties in the hope that they will get to see a whole new decoration based on a theme. Theme parties are also a fun to attend to. Organizing a theme party  is definitely thought to be a difficult task as food, decoration, venue and costume needs to be in accordance with the theme.

Theme parties require proper planning and that’s why we, at Eventech, are the first choice when it comes to planning the party theme and implementing the same successfully. We make sure to create interest and anticipation among the guests so that they enjoy the party to the fullest. We strive hard to maintain the creative element of the party like turning out the venue into a theme by changing the entire surroundings, and giving it an all new shape.

Every theme party organized by us is an unforgettable event. It brings happiness and smile on everybody’s face. We make an ordinary event into extraordinary and memorable event which remains etched in the minds of the host and guests at large.


Activations and Promotions are the part of “Direct-Response Marketing”. Say, goodbye to the days when clients were solely depended on the advertising tools to communicate the soul and essence of a brand. With planned ideas and concepts you can accomplish extremely focused events that in turn drive sales by aiming directly at the interest of the target audience.

We live in the age of nonstop experiential marketing where Brand Activation & Promotional events are the ideal opportunities to engage consumers with a brand. Brand Promotional Events are an excellent and overpowering tools which provide a worth remembering, and unique experience to the spectators. This is a perfect promoting provision for improving Brand Reflection, Image Buildup & Brand Positioning, last but not the least it does justice to a brand by fixing the ongoing competitive market challenges.

We provide end- to-end Brand Activation & Promotions solution accurately under the supervision of professional corporate event management event organizers who exhibit in-depth understanding of the marketing & advertising requirements which remain in sync with the growing demands of the potential clients and target audience including:

  • Corporate Business Expansion
  • Product Launches & Brand Promotions
  • Brand Engagement Campaigns
  • Customer Loyalty Programs
  • Customer Retention Program
  • Merchandising & Retail Branding
  • Awareness Generation Promotions
  • Customized Conferences & Events


A seminar or conference is considered successful when the audience is satisfied with the offerings, present your key sales figures or call it an annual meet, at Eventech we ensure that your events will run flawlessly while we maintain the symmetry of representation and aim of the meetings with our specifically designed services.

We admire your views nonetheless; we list your visions along with our innovations so, bring your delegates together, and let them get enthused in an awe-inspiring environment. Without compromising with quality we brainstorm numerous ideas to deliver a sophisticated framework for sharing knowledge, be it an MNC meeting or a board meeting and provide valuable coverage of the conferences with top-notch decorations, venues, food and visualizations.

To meet the expectations of the audience it is required to create a sound ambience, we make high quality arrangements along with a decent and comfortable sitting space nonetheless you get the benefits of interactive event management services at your the seminars/conferences.

Our equipment and tools work with the latest technology and the team is devoted in providing you ultra-modernized elements at the conferences to let the guests feel comfortable, relaxed yet engaged. We work with our professionals who plan each and every component as per the delegations no matter how intricate the requirements are, we plan them to create visual strike on the whole we have wide range of Event Management Services for each of your event to create a real difference and impact.

We provide following services:
  • High quality Projectors
  • LCD screens/LED Walls
  • Microphones/Podiums
  • Catering /Decorations
  • Production materials
  • Speakers/Sound/Light
  • Serving facilities
  • Comfortable Sitting
  • Venue Selection/Themes
  • Video/Photography
  • Arrangement of Anchors/Hostess
Get End-To-End Solutions at Eventech

All the arrangements are made under specific requirements of our clients, if you were searching for a professional event management company that excels in managing all trades of event then you’ve reached at the right place. For you to address any business challenge a conference is valuable and for us your success matters so, we make sure that you don’t have to struggle with the in-house management to organize your event while you get benefited with reasonable costs at the same time you get the advantage of a decent ambience at your formal meet. Regardless, of the nature of your corporate event, we will help you design a special power pact and successful event by efficiently handling your corporate event management affairs whereas you’ll get to concentrate on the business-side of the event. Our specialized team of event management experts assures you an extremely professional and high-end corporate event.


A successful journey relies on the smoothness of track similarly, a successful tour depends upon the seamless management of all aspects including prior bookings & preparations, planning, coordinating, communication, and sharing regular updates are some of the key ingredients and driving force behind conclusion of an impressive event!

Every tour is unique and comes with diverse challenges. However, proper planning of the inputs can make your event an ultimate achievement on the whole. Tour Management never comes alone; it includes collective team efforts to balance numerous arrangements which require fine fine-tuning & supervision for instance: Catering, Accommodation, Financial Planning, Travel Arrangements & Hotel Bookings etc. An effective campaign via promotional tour demands pre and post planning, administration, direction and budget analysis nevertheless, we understand the intricate requirements associated with a tour including the significance of site selection, time- management, particular technical necessities and more that could easily fit in the client’s budget.

No matter how intricate the concept is, we formulate effective plans that make your events transformed as reality, as memories last forever hence our services craft the memories of your fantasized dream world into unforgettable events with unmatched Creativity, Engineering & Technologies.

Our aim is to deliver a promising and breathtaking conceptualized decoration to you, that your guests will remember and praise for long regardless of the size of gathering and your budget, our specialty is to give full considerations & services to the client’s while we make sure that the decorations are customized as per their demands.

We cater a full range of Tour Management services by providing the clients with confident, competent and expert advice throughout your event. Specialized individuals at Eventech excel in making flight arrangements, Individual/Group bookings, and Accommodation facilities at best packages for your guests. The team at Eventech works meticulously to arrange extremely focused and flexible tour management solutions for your events.

Our services include:
  • Pre Bookings, Flights Bookings, Transportation
  • Group Bookings, Customized flight booking
  • Arranging Accommodations, Hotel Accommodations
  • Logistic Management & On site Management
  • Creative Theme Events, Conferences & Seminars
  • Customized Interest Tours, Outdoor Events
  • Budget Planning & Budget Management
  • Organizing Team Buildings Events & Sports Tour


Sports events are some of the most unerring events that develop a sense of friendliness, unity & enthusiasm besides creating highly motivated business environment among the employees. Our vision is to promote team building activities for encouraging team spirit, optimistic attitude and sporting zeal for clusters of employees from diverse corporate ethics and locale.

We have first-hand understanding & keenness of the prevailing business culture, individual likes and dislikes, henceforth we conduct over the top sports events that involve the benefits of all. Sports relate to refreshment, group activities, alertness, bonds & new relations, in addition to it, they convey the message of contentment which is the most important element. Group activities represent the symbol of joy and team spirit unification; nevertheless it depicts the sincerity of the participants towards the team.

Sports Event Management Services Include:
  • Event Management, Designing, Planning & Execution
  • Corporate Sports Program Design, Implementation & Management
  • Accommodation selection & Group Stay Management
  • Flight Bookings & Ticket management
  • Annual Sports meet for corporate
  • Brain buildup Sports, Indoor Sports & Outdoor Activities
  • Prior Bookings, Hotel Bookings & Tour Coordination
  • Transportation management
We have excelled in several niches including
  • Arrangement of Sports Celebs
  • Recruitment of Staff & Volunteer training
  • Financial Planning & Budget Management
  • Food & beverage planning
  • Onsite & VIP services
  • Creative Services, including 3-D graphic design, Flooring, Production & Decor
  • Concert & entertainment production
  • Premiums & uniform procurement
  • Refreshment & Leisure team activity
  • Digital Documentation Management

We follow planned approach with discipline & coordination to fortify the requirements of team building activities. Sports events are the best way to communicate hale and hearty activities that focus on elaborating the competitive edge by maintaining the equilibrium of harmony, courage & group effort.